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Rich Wehling
73 Wagoneer - "WAGZILLA"

I bought WAGZILLA on 4/15/99 for $2000 and the motor had 1500 miles on it when I bought it. The transmission had just been rebuilt and most of the modifications that are done the fella that I bought it from had already done.


  • Oldsmobile 455 
  • TH400 Transmission
  • Dana 44 gears
  • 8" body lift with a spring over
  • 2 18 gallon gas tanks
  • 35' BF Goodrich Radial Mud Terrain T/A Tires
  • Custom exhaust has been routed between the frame and body
  • 4 core radiator
  • Oversized Transmission cooler
  • Custom 4 hi 4 lo shift setup ( can put it in front wheel drive if need be)
  • Lockers front and rear
  • Front diff is from a 74
  • Rear diff is from a 74
  • Custom drive shafts front and rear
I have not done much to it yet but here is the list of the mods I have preformed:
  • Replaced front seat with 8 way power leather seats out of a SHO Taurus
  • Replaced radio with in-dash CD player
  • Added a fire extinguisher
  • Repaired the crack in the frame that allowed the steering to be 180 degrees from start to stop and not move the tires. (Kinda made it hard to steer the beast!)
  • Replaced the pass hood pin
  • Worked on the front doors so they will open and shut with minimal effort