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78 Wagoneer

I found this one in Berthoud CO. the lady wanted $1500 but I got her down to $900 (probably still too much but what the heck). It was rusty and sagging when I bought it. Both front axle joints were so dry and worn you could rattle them with your fingers. The muffler on the single exhaust had somehow been put in backwards, no telling how long it had been that way. I had a lot of help on this one and want to thank everyone who was involved, you were great.


  • 401 completely rebuilt with a mild cam
  • Electric fuel pump (for the summer months when the Front Range gas likes to boil in the fuel line as it goes by the exhaust manifold)
  • 3" Rough Country lift (springs front and back - no blocks)
  • Rebuilt TH400 with new seals, clutch packs and 1500 stall converter
  • Rebuilt QuadraTrac transfer case
  • All chrome body side molding and fake wood grain paneling removed
  • New paint
  • Front and rear fender flares from a J20
  • 33x12.50x15 tires on chrome wheels
  • New window seals all around
  • New windshield
  • New carpet kit
  • New headliner