Members' Rigs

Lynn and Janet Reed
77 Cherokee WT - "Big Red"


  • Rebuilt 360.. 30 over with RV cam and 2150 carb
  • Dual Fuel Pumps
  • Dual 1000 Cr Amp batteries...2nd mounted in rear for 12 volt Coleman Cooler, Audio Amps and rear winching.
  • T18 4 Speed
  • Dana 44's with 4:10's and ARB Air Lockers front and rear
  • 35 x 13.50 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws MT
  • Classic Forged Aluminum Wheels
  • Rosenvic Killer 32 Bumpers front and rear with receivers
  • Warn Pull Pack portable receiver mounted front or rear On board compressed Nitrogen System for Air Lift Shocks and Air Lockers
  • Base 2" lift accomplished with re-arched springs only, dropped pittman arm 4 Monroe Airlift shocks in front and 2 in the rear currently for 2" extra lift on trails at 100 PSI (capable of 150 PSI).
  • Dash Mounted gauges and filler dump valves independent for each corner on Air Lifts plumbed into central Nitrogen system.
  • New Paint and Interior July 2000
  • Interior is in Silver/Gray fabrics with Vinyl inlays
  • 18' White Big Tex DM70 Diamond Plate car carrier for road towing

Future Improvements:

  • TBI Fuel Injection
  • In-Dash MP3 Player and full sound system,
  • GPS system mounted to modified flat panel display on dash....
  • Satellite cell phone......and Satellite Radio Receiver

We hope to follow most Hummers at 1/3rd the overall cost including the trailer and Surburban 4x4 454 that tows all 14,000 pounds down the highway with relative ease..havent seen a Hummer on a trailer yet.