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Gavin McDermit

79 J-10

This is my 79 J10, just purchased about two months ago. It has 108,000 miles. In the two months I have owned it, I put a two inch body lift a buddy had for his F**d truck and gave me for free. I then did a spring over up front, which gave me 7 inches, and out back I put 3 inch blocks and rustys 4.5 inch lift springs. I put on a dropped pitman arm and four new pro comp shocks and steering stabilizer. I the added four 15x10 outlaw II's and brand new 35x12.50 general grabber mt's. The truck has a 360,th400/qt w/low,dana 44's and 3.54 gears. It has brand new dual exhaust and I have replaced every seal on the engine except timing chain cover,including the rear main and now it doesn't leak a drop of anything.This weekend I am changing the transfer case chain. The interior is immaculant and looks like brand new. I am now in the process of body work and new paint. It will be hunter green like the top half, but not two toned. I then plan on getting 4.56 gears and lockers front and rear.I also wnat to lift it another 4 inches and go with 40's! It is going pretty well at this point. Best of all, total investment of only 2500 bucks so far and I can drive it any where, dependably! When I got the truck I had visions but every one else thought it was joke. After 9" of lift and wheels and tires, it is no joke any more.