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Darryl Bauman

M-715 Kaiser-Jeep 5/4 ton 4x4 cargo truck


  • Date of Delivery: 4-67
  • Serial number:11166 (the 1,166th one built)
  • Weight:about 6,000 lbs.
  • Wheelbase:126"
  • Axle ratios:5.87-1, Dana 60 in the frt & a Dana 70 in back.

This is my first Jeep, though I've been around them most of my life. I love the heavy, crude feel of the truck. As you can see, I've been offroading it. I always wondered how it would do. It did as well as the newer trucks with bigger, fatter tires & more horsepower. It crawled through anything that I pointed it at. It's a Jeep thing! Everyone was very impressed! Including me. I've installed a civilian 2 barrel carb & intake manifold. (Special Thanks to Allan & Pam Bennett) The future holds a power steering setup, some taller radial tires (about 38") & maybe a locker in the rear.