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Caleb Rubash

76 J10 Honcho - "Jeep DeVille"


  • Custom rear suspension
  • Front D44 HD, GM Corporate 14 bolt in rear with "Lincoln Locker"
  • 500ci Cadillac V8 from a '76 Coupe DeVille
  • TH 400 with remote cooler and fan
  • QuadraTrac transfer case with low range
  • Relocated batteries behind cab
  • Relocated Jeep 3 core radiator from a 401 jeep into the front clip.

Future Plans:
  • Putting the cab on would probably be a good idea
  • Brakes
  • Edelbrock intake and carb
  • Dump bed (in planning stages)
  • 33" TSL Thornbirds (one of these days)
  • NP 208C transfer case