Ouray 2002 FSJ Invasion Sign-in Booth Schedule

We need to have at least three *confirmed* names and one backup name for each sheduled time slot and five *confirmed* names for Wednesday evening and Thursday Morning when most people will be signing in. Please do not sign up for a *confirmed* time slot unless you are sure you can make the commitment.

To "Sign Up", send me an email with the time slot you would like, and weather you are confirmed or a backup. --JC

  7:00 - 8:00 AM 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Wed. 8/14  
Confirmed: Adam Zeimet
Michael Baxter
Backup: John Clark

Thu. 8/15
Confirmed: Kevin Kelly

Backup: Sandy Lawson

Confirmed: Jerry and Sherry Lee

Backup: Adam Zeimet

Fri. 8/16
Confirmed: Mark Holzhauer

Backup: Mike Shimniok and Amy

Confirmed: Flint and Krista Boardman

Backup: Jerry and Sherry Lee

Sat. 8/17
Confirmed: Don Schrepel

Backup: Mark Holzhauer


Page last updated April 29, 2002