Late registration is OPEN, payment due by July 20

Sorry for the confusion. The planning group met and decided there were enough of you that either hadn't paid, hadn't registered or who just now heard about the invasion to justify a change. Read the following carefully:

  1. Registration is open again; you may update your trail selections, register, or print your invoice.
  2. Old invoices with a base registration of $40 or $50 are INVALID.
  3. Base registration fee for late registration is $60 IF your payment is postmarked July 20
  4. If your payment is postmarked July 21 or later, we'll return your check and you can do a walk-up registration
  5. Walk-up registrations will have a base fee of $70 and there is NO guarantee we will have BBQ meals or Tees available for sale.
  6. Even if you filled out the registration form and ordered tees and bbq, we aren't going to print your tees or order your bbq unless you pay us before July 20.
  7. Your chance of getting on a trail run is slim to none if you wait until you arrive to pay. There is no guarantee you'll get your picks or any picks whatsoever, even if you pay by July 20. You can still have fun in Ouray, just hook up with some other people and run trails in a small group.


Last updated October 21, 2006
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