2002 FSJ Invasion: Organized Trail Runs



Legs and Description

Time Estimate*
3/10 Minnie and Maggie Gulches Starting near Silverton, first run Maggie Gulch, followed by Minnie Gulch if time permits. 3-4 hours
6/10 Imogene and Ophir Pass From US 550 to Ophir Pass turnoff just past Red Mountain Pass to Imogene Pass back to Ouray. Due to part of this trail being under the new fee demo program, we may have to rearrange the route or cancel part of the trail run. 6-8 hours
5/10 Mini Alpine Loop From US 550 to Engineer Pass road to Animas Forks, California Gulch over California Pass to Corkscrew Gulch back to US 550. 4-6 hours
5/10 Placer and Picayne Gulches Ouray to Engineer Pass road to Animas Forks to Placer and Picayne Gulches and to Hwy 110 to Silverton. 4-6 hours
5/10 Clear Lake Clear Lake trail and a nearby side trail with great scenery. A few miles north of Silverton. 3-4 hours
4/10 Buffalo Boy Mine From Silverton, head east on 110 to Buffalo Boy Mine. 4-5 hours
8/10 Poughkeepsie Gulch Take Engineer pass road from US 550 to the turnoff for Poughkeepsie Gulch. 5-6 hours

* IMPORTANT! Time estimates are not guaranteed to be accurate. It is very difficult to predict how long a group trail run will take. Time depends on mechanical difficulties, personal needs, the number of people in the party, the amount of traffic on the trail, time taken for lunch, highway time going to and returning from the trail, and many other factors. This etsimate does not take into account the time that will be taken for the picnic and contests on Animas Forks Friday.