Invasion News

Mar 2001


We hope to have a lot more progress and updates for you next time, so far we are still in the preliminary fact-finding stages, but once we have an official planning organization (see below) we can really start to move forward.

  • The number of pre-registrations doubled since January and we are now at over 200! Nearly 400 adults are pre-registered.
  • We are still waiting for information from Best Western and will continue hounding them.
  • CFSJA is soon to incorporate so we can get insurance, limit liability, get donations, etc.
  • As we figured, due to expense of the BBQ, Insurance, and renting various spaces, we will have to charge a registration fee but we'll do our best to keep costs down
  • We need more volunteers!
  • We have a list of vendors to contact for donations of prizes, general support, appearance in vendor booths, etc. None of this is guaranteed, but certainly a possibility
  • We are investigating the possibility of group mine and museum tours as well as other events, and we are looking into the possibility of a group narrow gauge steam train ride.


Last updated October 21, 2006
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