Invasion News

Jul 2001


We currently have 280 pre-registrations. That's 721 adults and children. Holy Toledo! Will we break 300 by January? Find out here.

We are about to go on our FINAL reconnaisance mission. If you want to preview the scenic beauty of the San Juan Mountains, and perhaps if you'd like to lead some trail runs, join us this Labor Day in Ouray.

Check out the latest edition of FSJ Magazine for the next article in the 2002 FSJ Invasion series!

Probably long overdue, CFSJA has now become an incorporated organization so we can purchase insurance ($1500), reserve hotel rooms ($500 refundable) at group rates, rent out a community center ($1000) and gain other benefits for you! Though we will pay for this expensive but once-in-a-lifetime event with reasonable registration fees and t-shirt sales, we need some up front money. To help us, you can pay for a Lifetime Membership with the CFSJA organization. Send a $75 check made out to CFSJA, to:

6557 S Dexter Street
Littleton, CO 80121

You can also send your donations of any amount to this address. Your Lifetime Membership will help us and entitle you to seek election as a leader of this organization which we hope will plan many events in the future.


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